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Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Staining

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Thinking about covering up your hardwood floors? Think again …

Most hardwood floors can be refinished to look new or even to completely change the style of your floors. In almost every case this can be done for much less than it would cost to install carpet over the top. And, there are several benefits to maintaining your hardwood floors instead of installing carpet. Hardwood flooring is easy to maintain, hypoallergenic, and adds value to your home.

Our team at Professional Floors of St. Louis can help you restore your hardwood floors. We specialize in providing professional hardwood floor refinishing services for homes, businesses, and gymnasiums across the St. Louis Metro area. When screening and re-coating your hardwood is not doing the trick, our master hardwood flooring refinishers can restore even the most damaged hardwood floors.

Restoring Historic Hardwood Floors

St. Louis is full of homes built around the turn of the century, most of these homes have top nailed hardwood that has seen better days. However, this is not the end for those floors. Our team of hardwood refinishing experts can help you sand down and refinish those hardwood floors to maintain their beauty.

Revitalizing these floors is not easy. In some cases, it can mean removing or altering old finishes, repairing damaged spots, and completely refinishing areas where there may be water or pet damage. Hardwood floor refinishing can help you restore your home and transform your floors to suit your style.

Refinishing Gymnasium Floors

Gymnasium Floor Refinishing

Gymnasiums take a lot of use and abuse, especially in high schools and colleges. Our team at Professional Floors of St. Louis has helped school administrators refinish and renew their gymnasium floors. This includes schools like Eureka and Parkway West. Often when gymnasiums are refinished it is a lengthy process involving not just the normal refinishing process but also ensuring that the floors are properly painted. Our team can help you get all of this done quickly and cheaper than most other refinishing companies. Get in touch with our experts to get a quote on refinishing your gymnasium floors.

The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

In most cases the hardwood floor refinishing process is straightforward. Remove the old finish and stain and apply new stain and finish. This is often a time-consuming process that can go wrong in many places. Learn more about the hardwood refinishing process below.

Removing the Old Finish and Stain

The first step in any hardwood floor refinishing project is to remove the existing stain and finish from the wood.

This process uses a flooring sander which is specially designed to pull away the finish and stain to reveal the bare wood. During this process, we also uncover any problem areas which can be repaired before the floor is refinished. In some cases, removing the old finish can mean removing shellac and wax that is over 40 years old. This can take time but is essential to fully preparing the floor to accept a new finish.

Re-staining and Finishing the Floors

Before the old finish is removed our team will help you choose a new stain and will also help you determine what the best finish is for your home or business. The finish you choose depends on the amount of traffic and regular wear and tear your flooring may see. Once these are decided and the floor has been brought back to bare wood, our team will begin the staining process applying the stain you chose for your floors. Once stained the floors get finished in several coats of finish to provide the maximum level of protection for your floors.

Polyurethane Vs. Water-Based Hardwood Flooring Finishes & Stains

Historic Floor Refinishing St. Louis

When it comes to choosing a finish for your hardwood floors, there are two main choices for style. Water-based and Polyurethane finishes. These two types of fishes have different applications and reasons for choosing them. Depending on the color, durability, and cost you may choose one over the other.

Polyurethane Based Finishes

When looking at polyurethane based finishes there are some factors you must consider. If you are going for a natural color on your wood, then choosing a polyurethane can help pull some of the amber tones and natural coloration better than a water-based finish. In addition to this because polyurethane is an oil-based finish it stands up to water better than water-based finishes. This makes polyurethane based finishes great for high traffic areas around doors and kitchens.

Water-Based Floor Finishes

Water based floor finishes are often more expensive than polyurethane finishes from the outset. However, there are some scenarios that call for water-based finishes. If you are trying to achieve a white, or grey color to your hardwood, then choosing a water-based floor finish is your best choice. Water-based finishes have no coloration and do not affect the final color of the flooring, where polyurethane has a natural amber tone that will get more amber over the course of its lifespan.

If you need help choosing the correct finish for your project, our team of experts can help you make the right choice. Contact us today to start talking about refinishing your hardwood flooring in St. Louis.

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If you are considering refinishing your hardwood contact our experts. We can provide you with a free estimate on refinishing and can help you choose the perfect hardwood for your spaces. You can reach us by filling out our online contact form or by calling 314-843-4348 to schedule an appointment.

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Steve was great. He was incredibly helpful in refinishing my wood floors. I'm very pleased with the quality of the result.
Barb Bybee - Town And Country, MO 63017

Repaired and refinished the hardwood floors in a 80 yr old house we just bought. They turned out great.

The job went very well it was finished on time and to our satisfaction.

Angie's List Reviewer - St. Louis, MO 63143
Scheduled our hardwood floors to be started and a few days before that date, Steve called as promised, to make sure everything was still a go. He explained the scheduling and what all ...
Angie's List Reviewer - St. Louis, MO 63123

Our Customers Love Us

The job went well. Whole job took three days. We were walking on it on the 4th day. Furniture was starting to move back on the 5th day. 1st day was the bulk sanding. Took about 6 hours. Second day was the edge sanding and fine sanding. Then staining. This took about 3 hours. 3rd day was the final ...
Angie's List Reviewer - Saint Peters, MO 63376
Enclosed is our payment for the completion of our hardwood floor refinishing . We are incredibly pleased with the result and wanted to take time to thank you. The work crew was courteous and kept a very clean job site. The finished product was everything we had hoped for and more. Professional ...
Mike P. - St. Louis, MO 63119

Our Customers Love Us

The manager, Steve, was very nice to work with and was referred to me through a friend that was very satisfied too.
Angie's List Reviewer - Chesterfield, MO 63017
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