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Hardwood Flooring Types, Styles, and Species

Hardwood Flooring Colors

No matter what the décor of your St. Louis home is, Professional Floors of St. Louis has hardwood flooring that comes in the perfect color for you. We can use customs stains and finished to give your hardwood flooring a unique one of a kind look and even breathe new life into old worn out hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Types/Styles

Professional Floors of St. Louis has been providing St. Louis homes with beautiful and unique hardwood flooring for many years. We offer a large variety of styles such as unfinished, solid, factory finished, engineered, plank, parquet, strip, and acrylic impregnated. These styles were designed to provide more customization to homeowners to ensure that each hardwood flooring has a unique feel and quality to it.

It is important to choose the perfect style and type for you and your home and this decision will be affected by a number of factors, including your lifestyle and the area in which you live. Call Professional Floors of St. Louis today to find out the specific pros and cons to each type of hardwood flooring and get help deciding which hardwood flooring type is right for you.

Hardwood Flooring Species, Grades and Cuts

Hardwood flooring today can come in a variety of species, grades and cuts giving you complete customization regarding aesthetics, texture, and your budget.

Professional Floors of St. Louis has hardwood flooring in many species, domestic and exotic, that span the available range of colors, pricing and toughness. If there is a look you are trying to achieve Professional Floors of St. Louis can help you do that.

The “grade” of hardwood flooring measures the strength and serviceability of the wood. For instance:

  • Third – Hardwood flooring of this grade is very rustic in appearance and allows all the wood characteristics of the species to stand out.
  • Second – Second grade hardwood flooring varies in appearance in sound having slightly less of the species characteristics to stand out.
  • First – First grade hardwood flooring has simply the best appearance and the most natural color variations and has only limited character marks.
  • Clear – Clear hardwood flooring is free of defects but may have some minor imperfections to it.
  • Select – Select hardwood flooring is not quite clear as it contains some of the more natural characteristics of the wood such as knots and color variations.
  • Common – There are two type of common hardwood flooring, No. 1 & No. 2. This is the most common type of hardwood flooring chosen because of the natural colors and features that are emphasized.

Finally, the cut of hardwood flooring will greatly determine how the finished product looks and is either riftsawn, plainsawn, or quartersawn.

  • Riftsawn – Similar to quartersawn, riftsawn is cut at slightly different angle but it cups very little and will wear very evenly.
  • Quartersawn – Quartersawn hardwood flooring produces less baord feet per log than the more traditional plainsawn cut. This makes it slightly more expensive and ensures that it cups very little and wears evenly over time.
  • Plainsawn – This is the most common type of hardwood flooring cut. Growth patterns in the wood are much more obvious and so plainsawn hardwood flooring has varied look, much more so than the other types of cuts.

For more information about hardwood flooring types and styles is available per request from the Professional Floors of St. Louis staff. Call today and schedule an appointment to speak with one of our knowledgeable hardwood flooring technicians.

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This is an excellent company that I have used before, and I am delighted with the work they have done. Steve is so professional and helpful. He has training as a forester and knows his ...
Angie's List Reviewer - St. Louis, MO 63119
Steve makes a great first impression for his business. He is on time, knowledgeable, detailed and very friendly. He even had us over to his own home to see an example of the flooring we ...
Angie's List Reviewer - Maryland Heights, MO 63043
The Gymnasium floors came out looking great. I cannot believe how quickly your team was able to completely sand, repair and refinish the gym. With our annual basketball tourney, we will be ...
Coach Tom D. - Chesterfield, MO 63040

Our Customers Love Us

Steve, the owner, called back to set up an appointment in 2 hours after we called. He came, did the measurements and gave us his bid. The final price was adjusted down a little because we had to hire people to move furniture out of every room to be worked on (and later move furniture back). We have ...
Angie's List Reviewer - St. Louis, MO 63129
Excellent job. Approx 600+ sq feet. They did a great job, communicated issues and floor concerns, and helped me make a good decision. They laid out samples for me to look at on the floor, and in my situation was on some spots that had past stains. The darker color hid them extremely well. They were ...
Angie's List Reviewer - Valley Park, MO 63088

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I was so pleased to get our floors sanded and resealed. When my brother-in-law decided to do-it-himself the wood turned out all wavy because he really did not know what he was doing. Now they have to tear out their old floors and reinstall all new hardwood . It will end up costing them 3x what it ...
Ken And Mary L. - Ladue, MO 63124
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