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Benefits of Hardwood Floors

You would be hard pressed to find a flooring that offers more value, beauty, and warmth than hardwood flooring. No matter what room it is in, hardwood floors always enhance the décor and provide a rare beauty. Not only does hardwood flooring provide timeless beauty but it can increase the value of your St. Louis home. A survey of national realtors has found that homes with hardwood floors sell faster and at a higher value than those without hardwood floors. Think of a hardwood floor installation as an investment.

Hardwood Floors: Easily Maintained

You would be surprised to learn that hardwood floors are very easily maintained. In the past hardwood floors were easily scuffed and finishes quickly faded. New technology and more advanced stains and staining techniques mean a little cleaning is all it takes to keep your hardwood flooring looking brand new. Care generally includes regular sweeping/vacuuming and the occasional professional hardwood floor cleaning product and your hardwood floor will look as good as new for much longer than you would expect.

Consult with Professional Flooring of St. Louis to find out the proper cleaner to use on your hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floors: Good for the Environment

As a natural resource, hardwood floors are easily replenished and recyclable. In fact, many hardwood floors are actually made from recycled wood. And now with bamboo flooring, hardwoods have really gone green. 

Healthy Hardwood Flooring

Wood does not collect dust and other allergens the same way that other flooring products do. This has led many leading health associations to agree that hardwood floors are the optimal choice for keeping you home and family safe and healthy.

Affordable and Customizable Hardwood Floors

The final benefit to choosing hardwood floors is the price and the numerous customization options available to St. Louis homeowners. No longer are homeowners locked into using a single type or style of wood. There are many hardwood floor options available now that are sure to fit your style and pricing needs.

There are endless details about your new hardwood floor that you should know as well as understanding what to expectCall or Email Professional Floor of St. Louis today to get a free hardwood flooring estimate for your St. Louis home.


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