We Specialize Only in Hardwood Flooring
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We Specialize Only in Hardwood Flooring
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Average rating for Professional Floors of St. Louis Inc. is
4.93 stars of 5 stars - based on 46 reviews
Hardwood Flooring in Ballwin, MO
We had our entire ranch home's floors repaired and refinished. The reason we chose this firm is because in their literature it states "customer satisfaction is the utmost important aspect of our business." The guys did a very good job weaving new wood into sections of the floor that needed repair. The floors overall were beautifully refinished. The place where these guys could improve is in the soft skills. There were some issues of the floors being completed later than promised; which were resolved once we called to ask. Once the floors were completed, there were some lap marks that needed to be buffed out and a threshold that was broken that they needed to replace. These issues were resolved quickly. If they resolved the issues, why would I say that they should work on their soft skills? I was treated rudely on the telephone by one of the lead guys and found the workers to be a bit surly when they were questioned about when they would be completing things. We decided to go without a stain - which worked in their favor because then the floors were able to be completed when they promised them. If we had chosen to stain the floors it would have put them behind. When we were testing the stains, the guys used a bucket full of black g*** to mix it in, which made me feel as though they were not giving us accurate pictures of what the stain would really look like. They also were supposed to tape off the kitchen and really did a terrible job with it and when I asked them to re-tape it, they sanded the floors with the plastic only taped at the top of the kitchen ceiling - so we had a ton of dust in the kitchen, that really could have easily been prevented.Would I consider using them again? Yes. The quality of the work was outstanding. Would I be a little reluctant? Yes, when spending $4000 on anything I expect a whole heck of a lot - including some of the finer points of customer service. I also expect perfect workmanship, which doesn't include lap marks. Davis, the original person we talked with, did an excellent job of keeping us happy, but unfortunately, he wasn't the only person we were dealing with. If you are a perfectionist like I am - you will be pleased with the workmanship - but possibly not happy with the timelines and with the level of customer service.
Sand-refinish oak hardwood floors in Fenton, MO
Very pleased with customer service. Punctual, explained process. The floor had pet stains (severe); could not get all out but floors looked so much better. Cleaned up after each step. Reasonable price!
Wood floors refinishing in St. Louis, MO
Overall, we love Steve (the owner) and his lead guy (Levi). They have been wonderful to deal with, very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable about their craft. We called the company and made an appointment to meet with Steve at our new house. Basically there were a few rooms that were carpeted but the rest was wood. He took a look and recommended that we refinish all the floors to make them all look gorgeous. His price was very reasonable and he is so nice and easy to deal with. So far, the floors look awesome and I know they will be gorgeous when they are all finished. I can't wait!!
Hardwood Flooring in St. Louis, MO
Great, terrific. Steve kept in contact with us, even though we were out of town, and answered all of our questions. There really was no concern, as they did exactly as promised. My son, who has a critical eye, was very pleased with the quality of the work and sent us pictures of the floors. Professional job start to finish!
Hardwood refinishing in St. Louis, MO
The owner of Professional Floors of St. Louis Inc., Steve was very good to work with. He was very quick to get back to me if I can't contact him if my web was available. When he came out to start the pricing, he was honest as far as what we could expect from the work even if there was a conditional course. Any issues we brought to their attention, they had corrected it. The other was the worst that damaged the walls from ripping up the old phase board. They did it patched and repair. Everything has gone up pretty well.
New wood floor in the kitchen in St. Louis, MO
This is an excellent company that I have used before, and I am delighted with the work they have done. Steve is so professional and helpful. He has training as a forester and knows his material. I also talked with another company recommended by an architect, but this one won on all counts: accommodation, friendliness and value. Steve was able to get wood specially milled to be consistent with other wood in the house, which I was told could not be done by the other company, AND his price was better than the other estimate with less preferable wood. The guys who laid the floor are really nice and they did a super job. Highly recommend
Sanded, stained and double polyurethaned wood floors in St. Louis, MO
They did an awesome job.
Refinished existing hardwoord floors and installed new flooring in Maryland Heights, MO

Steve makes a great first impression for his business. He is on time, knowledgeable, detailed and very friendly. He even had us over to his own home to see an example of the flooring we wanted. I met 4 of his employees during this 2 week process and they were all very courteous and did a great job. The floors turned out beautifully and there was very little dust leftover.

I would not hesitate to use them again.

Hardwood floor refinishing in St. Louis, MO
I purchased a deal for hardwood floor refinishing. The intent was to have our foyer, a hallway, and a bedroom refinished. When Steve came out to give us the estimate, we discussed the need to have our family room and dining room floors refinished as well. We planned on doing it in the next year before we put our house on the market, and he told me that we really didn't want to go through the process twice. He also gave us a discount for doing both jobs at once, so we agreed. I am so glad we listened to him! Unfortunately, due to the layout of our house, we had to move out for a few days, and because we had some asbestos mastic that we could not remove quickly, the hallway could not be refinished, but we are so happy with the results. We have pine floors, and although we thought we wanted a darker finish, both Steve and the workers recommended a natural finish. They turned out beautiful! Steve was in constant contact, and I would recommend Professional Floors over and over!
Replaced damage floor boards in my kitchen in Fenton, MO
They came and provided an estimate, and also got creative in terms of fixing the damage that no one else was able to identify. Job well done.

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Average rating for Professional Floors of St. Louis Inc. is 4.93 stars of 5 stars - based on 46 reviews
Hardwood Floor Repair And Refinishing in St. Louis, MO

Repaired and refinished the hardwood floors in a 80 yr old house we just bought. They turned out great.

The job went very well it was finished on time and to our satisfaction.

Angie's List Reviewer - St. Louis, MO 63143
July 20, 2017

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